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Saving money while doing good

  • Posted by: Michael Winkelmann
Saving Money While Doing Good | Business Cost Savings | Working From Home | Cloud Software

You’re running a business through Covid-19 restrictions and BREXIT changes and we also have climate change becoming more urgent.

The good news is that some of the environmental measures that will help the climate emergency will also save you money so why not look at implementing them now.

  • Working from home some or all of the time will save on office space. You will still need to ensure that your team have all that they need for their home work station and you can hire a room should you require an all hands meeting in person.
  • Working from home some or all of the time will save your team commuting costs and time as well as providing a better work life balance and being better for the environment. Happy staff will reduce turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Running a paperless office will reduce the amount of paper, ink and printers that are used as well as the files, furniture and rooms that you store them in. Online signature software is very cheap.
  • Cloud software can save on up front costs and and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. You will no longer need to pay for your own server hardware and expert support.
  • Online meetings where possible. One of the benefits of Covid-19 is that more people are doing this already. Once they’re interspersed with some real world meetings (business or personal) they should create a better balance. This will save on the cost of travel and meeting rooms.
  • Walking, cycling and using public transport where possible does make a difference. Use a carbon offset scheme when car or plane journeys are the only option. Electric cars are very tax efficient at the moment (see our previous article)

Just a few ideas to get you started saving money and helping the environment. We’d love to hear your suggestions too.