Here at Henry and Banwell we have a business team that lead our clients through the accountancy processes. Whether it is a new business or an established business looking for a better accounting solution, we know our team can help.


A business grows when it has the right business processes and accountancy practices in place

Business Plans

Often in the excitement of launching a new business, some essential planning can go by the wayside. Here at Henry and Banwell we know that a successful business starts with good research, planning and hard work.

Our team can help you ensure that you have thought about everything including your market, your competition, promotion and pricing, cashflow forecasts and perhaps most importantly your financial requirements to get the business off the ground.

Small Business Planning

Sometimes you can be so busy working IN your business that you forget to work ON your business. All your good intentions to be proactive are replaced by dealing with the day-to-day demands of running a business. However, we know that planning is essential to long term success.

By working with our team we can help set clear objectives, formulate strategic goals and monitor your progress towards them, helping you adjust where necessary.  Having someone outside of the business, with the appropriate expertise, helps you remain focussed and keeps you on track to grow a successful business.

Business Acquisition and Disposals

The world of business sales and acquisitions can be complex and we are here to guide you and provide sound advice to ensure that you make the right decision for your business.

Whether you are looking to increase your market share through an acquisition or need to improve your profitability through a disposal, let our team steer you in the right direction.