We simplify the accountancy process and endeavour to offer the very best customer experience

We are driven both by the demands of the constant changes experienced by the world of business and a desire to deliver excellent service levels to our clients. As a small business we face many of the problems our clients are experience,  this gives us an insight as to what is important and where we can make a difference.

In our firm we rely on team work and bringing our professional skills together to solve problems, learn about new products and create working relationship with clients. We are well aware  that the new digital methods of communicating and processing transactions mean we rely on computers and the internet but we never forget that behind all businesses there are people and relationships.

Michael Winkelmann
B.Comm, FCA

Michael trained in London with Jackson Taylor before qualifying and moving to Bristol in 1991 with the objective of setting up his own practice.

He established his first practice, Michael Henry & Co, in 1997 followed by Henry and Banwell with Bob Banwell in 2000. Bob retired in 2014 when Michael took over as Principal.

Michael’s skills in Accounting, Taxation, Management Systems and Computer Technology enable him to deliver customized services to businesses using a friendly and flexible approach. Together with his team they can provide these services to a wide range of businesses.

Henry and Banwell’s main office is in Bristol and we have recently opened an office in Bath.



Digital services are the future and the impact of these services affects both our personal and business lives. We have committed the firm to use online software to cater to clients’ needs and provide them with a tailored service which provides quality and timely information.

Small and medium enterprises (SME)

Recent surveys of the UK show there are 5.7 million private sector businesses, employing 16.1 million people with a combined annual turnover of £1.9 trillion.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service to small enterprises. Assisting startups and established businesses which contribute to this sector.


Education is very important and we actively recruit trainees for the Accounting Technician qualification. We also have an internal training program to ensure continuing professional development for all staff.  Clients can also receive training on all aspects of record keeping including operating software, especially as they move from manual based systems to cloud based software.


Accountancy and the recording of financial transactions can be traced back some 7,000 years and arrived in today’s format via Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylon and Rome. The development of accounting was closely related to developments in writingcounting, and money.

So why do we still exist some 7,000 years later?

Business needs a stable  and common language to allow businesses to measure and report their performance and make judgments about the value of human activities.

To allow this language to flourish and be useful to business, Accountants constantly refine methods of capturing data and produce Accounts and Reports which tell a story about the performance of a business or an organisation in financial terms.

At the same time Government, via HMRC, impacts these Accounts when they implement tax laws designed to collect various taxes and duties.

As Accountants in today’s world, Henry and Banwell are proud to support and guide our clients to manage their businesses as they adapt to changing circumstances and manage their businesses.